Job Description

General utility position responsible for cleaning the dining area (tables, chairs & floors), food and beverage service areas, and the common areas in the Team Dining Room. Also responsible for stocking the beverage and the common areas of the kitchen with product.

Job Responsibilities

    • Ensures dining area is kept clean, free of debris, tables wiped clean and floor vacuumed.
    • Keeps all work areas clean and sanitary.
    • Ensures compliance to standards set by management including, but not limited to, drain cleaning, dish machines operation, standards, floor cleanliness, etc.
    • Maintains compliance with all regulations of health and sanitation standards as well as all applicable federal, state, local laws/ordinances; to include maintaining applicable food safety certification.
    • Follows all standards of health, safety, and sanitation as outlined in our ServSafe class given during orientation.
    • Assists the cashiers, dishwashers or cooks as needed. Portions desserts, re-stocks salad bar, puts the daily orders away, breaks dishwashers, removes trash, and other related duties.
    • Restocks the beverage area, cups and desserts.
    • Vacuums, wipes tables and counters.
    • Participates as a team member with cooks, supervisors, cashiers and any pertinent Team Members in producing a smooth and efficiently run operation that meets the highest standards of customer service.

    Job Requirements

    • Previous experience preferred.