As a SONIC Drive-In Crew Member – which may include Frozen, Fountain, Expo, or Switchboard – your primary responsibility is to provide every guest with a Super SONIC experience.


 Creating and packaging delicious menu items

 Trying to beat your best record, every time

 Being proactive (If you’re not busy now, you may be in 5 minutes!)

 Continuously communicating with team to help motivate

 Being a menu genius and helping SONIC customers navigate all customizable combinations

 Maintaining SONIC safety and sanitation standards

 Contagiously positive attitude

 Ability to remain calm, especially in tough situations

 Resilient spirit – knowing everyone makes mistakes and can bounce back from a set-back

 Eagerness to learn and grow

 Ability to multi-task, switching from one task to another with ease

 Team mentality and willingness to help where needed

 Effective communication skills; basic math and reading skills

 Willingness to work flexible hours; night, weekend, and holiday shifts

 All other duties assigned.


 3 years QSR experience preferred;

 Prior experience customer service

 Ability to work effectively with people from a wide variety of backgrounds and a diverse population

 Demonstrated, successful leadership skills including the ability to interact positively, with

all people;

 Knowledge of Tribal communities and specifically Chukchansi history is preferred;

 Ability to work within a demanding environment.

PRCI Tribal Preference:

For purposes of hiring, promotions, transfers, and training all candidates must possess the ''Minimum Qualifications" stated in the job description or job announcement. Minimum Qualifications are defined as those entry-level qualifications essential to the performance of the basic responsibilities for each jobcategory, including but not limited to education, training, specific work experience, employment record, and physical skills (where applicable). Preference shall be given with respect to personnel decisions, layoffs, recalls, promotions, transfers, training, and hiring. First, enrolled Tribal Members who meet the Minimum Qualifications shall not be denied if another individual at a lower preference has higher qualifications than are necessary for the position. Second, after preference is provided to enrolled Tribal Members, Native Americans who are enrolled members of a federally recognized tribe other than Picayune Rancheria of the Chukchansi Indians shall be provided preference over equally qualified non-Indian candidates, however, if the non-Indian candidate is more qualified, a business decision may be made to hire or promote the best candidate. If more than one person at the same preference level meets the Minimum Qualifications the decision-makers shall have discretionary authority to make the appropriate business decision in the best interest of the Tribe. Accordingly, when preparing job descriptions or job announcements care should be taken to establish qualifications that fit the desired needs of the position.

Native Preference:

In accordance with Title VII 1964 Indian Civil Rights Act, Section 701(b) and 703(i), Preference in filling all vacancies will be given to qualified American Indian/Alaskan Native candidates. As required by applicable law,

SONIC Drive-In franchise organizations will make reasonable accommodations to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the job's essential functions. Each franchise organization is an independent employer and thus responsible for making its own employment-related decisions. Nothing in these materials should be construed as the franchisor being involved in or having control over a franchise employee's essential terms and conditions of employment.