Job Description

Responsible for ensuring that all accounting activities in the Cage & Credit Departments are performed accurately and efficiently in accordance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations of the Gaming Commission, Federal and State Tax Commissions, and established company policies, procedures and controls. This position is also responsible for all operations of the Cage and for maintaining and safeguarding Cage windows and for direction of Cage Cashiers on an assigned shift.

Job Responsibilities

  • Performs all jackpot and fill transactions at Team Member window.
  • Performs all job functions of and oversees Main Back Cashiers and Cage Cashiers.
  • Redeems coupons, coins, chips and tokens for coin and/or cash.
  • Approves Cage Cashier and Main Bank Cashier transactions over allowable limits.
  • Researches variances and other discrepancies.
  • Monitors the balancing of monies received and disbursed.
  • Assists in the completion of either In-House or casino credit applications.
  • Conducts operation of basic Cage machinery, including jetsorts, bill counters, 10-key calculators, coin wrappers, etc.
  • Monitors all financial activities within the department which relate to the Cage to ensure that all applicable laws, rules, regulations and controls of the Company, the Federal and State Tax Commissions, and the Gaming Commission are enforced during their assigned shift.
  • Brings Team Member concerns beyond their realm of authority and/or problems and unusual customer activities to the attention of the Assistant Cage Shift Manager
  • Maintains and monitors Team Member documentation, disciplinary actions and evaluations on a per month basis.
  • Monitors efficient placement of staff to ensure optimum coverage in all areas of the department.
  • Performs functions of Main Bank/Cage Cashiers during temporary staffing shortages.

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Business Administration or related area from a four year college or university; or a minimum of one year related Casino Cage experience and/or training; or an equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Minimum of six months experience at the level of Main Bank Cashier or above preferred.
  • Minimum of one-year in Casino Cage required.