Job Description

Responsible for the implementation and the compliance with the Company’s policies and procedures, and supervise the operation of assigned table games to ensure game integrity and customer satisfaction.

Job Responsibilities

• Enforces performance standards, policies and procedures relating to all table games, ensuring compliance with all Gaming regulations.

• Responsible for checking bank roll from previous shift to ensure accuracy; assists Pit Supervisor in physical count of bankroll at shift change.

• Observes game, players and dealers, to ensure accuracy of game and ensures game protection.

• Ensures that all games move at an appropriate pace.

• Promotes a positive gaming experience by, providing outstanding customer service.

• Assists in training and evaluating of subordinate Team Members in a fair and equitable manner.

• Responsible for tracking players, noting buy-ins, length of play, win/loss and average bet.

• Knowledge of local jurisdiction gaming laws (federal, state, etc.) and attendant regulations as well as the Company’s internal controls, policies and procedures.

• Is familiar with pit accounting procedures and administrative tasks, i.e., fills, credits, marker transactions and responsibilities.

Job Requirements

  • One year of experience in Table Games as a dealer and/or Supervisor.