Job Description

Responsible for auditing and tracking the physical inventory of food products and assisting with the inventory control process in accordance with Company procedures and guidelines.

Job Responsibilities

  • Audits and keeps track of all incoming inventoried products.
  • Oversees daily transfers of inventory between venues.
  • Audits and keeps track of all outgoing inventoried products.
  • Enters inventory data in MMS and ensures accuracy.
  • Reviews invoices for cost accuracy for all incoming food products.
  • Assists purchasing with assuring proper pricing and makes adjustments as necessary.
  • Creates new items as necessary at the request of purchasing.
  • Investigates invoices and inventory discrepancies as needed.
  • Maintains accuracy of MMS items and makes adjustments as needed.
  • Ensures quality of inventoried items.
  • Keys in inventory at month end.
  • Responsible for par level maintenance.
  • Audits and tracks inventoried items.
  • Spot checks inventory.
  • Performs monthly inventory counts.
  • Checks inventory requisitions for accuracy to ensure current products and quantities are being delivered
  • Closes the open period Inventory for Accounting reports

Job Requirements

  • High School diploma or GED required.
  • 2+ years’ experience in inventory control or related field experience preferred.